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The Church of God in Littleton is part of a fellowship of churches called: “The Churches of God in the Fellowship of God’s Son.” In the early 1800’s the Christian church movement saw several main line protestant churches get their start. Also at this time, an important lay ministry movement was started called the ‘Open Brethren’. This group of churches grew mainly in the UK and also spread to Europe. In the middle of the 1800s, another splinter group broke away and called themselves the ‘Exclusive Brethren’. Both groups had similar basic teaching but doctrinal differences on “household baptism” and who were ‘really’ saved kept the groups apart.
In 1888, there was another movement centered on the principle that scripture teaches the unity of the churches through the unity of the Elderhood. Another key issue was a topic called ‘The House of God’ and whether the House of God was seen in a collective expression of churches standing in unity, under the Lordship of Christ. Several churches in the Open Brethren movement saw this unity as a Spirit led direction and in 1892-94, a good number of the churches agreed to link up together in what we know today as the Churches of God. The Church of God in Littleton and the Church of God in Trinidad are both churches in this fellowship of churches.

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  • Posted On : 28 Dec 2013

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