One of the key elements of the teaching of the Lord and His Apostles was that Prayer was vital. The disciples as the Lord about the very topic and Christ gave them instruction well known as ‘the Lord’s prayer”. We also learn that collectively they were to be praying as a church. We see it as Peter was in prison and the whole church was praying for his release. Acts 2 :42 teaches us that prayer was to be part of the Christian walk and they were to be devoted to it. I Peter 4: 7 gives us insight for the times that we live in: ”The end of all things is near; therefore, be of sound judgment and sober spirit for the purpose of prayer.” The Church of God in Littleton meets weekly for collective prayer on a Wednesday night. Prayer is vital to all of us. Once a month the ladies of the church meet on Sunday around noon, after our regular services, to have a time of prayer. It is a time of sharing and bonding and opens the heart to the concerns and issues that women have in a hectic world. Such times are a blessing to each and to the whole collectively.

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  • Posted On : 28 Dec 2013

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