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One of the distinctive characteristics of the Church the Body of Christ is the giving and caring nature of the believers toward others. It is a demonstration of the love of Christ! There are great needs in the world today and it is a joy when we can do our part to help. The Churches of God have been active in several areas of need. First we have a ‘Hands’ program where funds are sent from North America and the UK to brothers and sisters in Africa to assist in purchasing supplies and tuition for school children. The great news is that in the most recent years the Churches of God in Nigeria are now carrying most of the financial load on their own!
Another project in Africa is the help with living conditions and medical assistance in Malawi. We have been active in drilling wells to access clean water and help with home building. The largest work had been to sponsor a medical van and medical team to go and visit villages bring essential medicines and treatments where there is no medical facility. It provides a wonderful opportunity to share in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, so there is healing of the body and of the soul!
In India we support two schools/homes for children that have been abandoned by their parents. Boys and girls alike get to receive an education, have a safe environment to live and spiritual guidance for their future. Additional help in the last year focused on the devastating floods and restoring some homes and needed seeds and supplies to replant lost fields to provide food for the future. Many other projects can be listed for places like Myanmar, Kenya, and the Philippines.

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  • Posted On : 28 Dec 2013

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